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100.jpg Twins Sakura dsc_0499.jpg Nonno Woods dsc_0421_20161228112131955.jpg Nonno Woods dsc_0441.jpg Nonno Woods dsc_0529.jpg Nonno Woods img_1675.jpg Nonno Woods 013.jpg Open Ceremony at Tsubetsu Pass dsc_0240.jpg Open Ceremony at Tsubetsu Pass img20161228111502907950.jpg Tsubetsu pass Scenic Viewpoint
img_1743.jpg Tsubetsu pass Scenic Viewpoint dsc_0250.jpg Tsubetsu pass Scenic Viewpoint dsc_0803.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_1360_20161228114406936.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_1577.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_1578.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_1580.jpg Lake Chimikepp img_0048.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_1732.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_1733.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_1735.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_1737.jpg Lake Chimikepp dsc_futaba.jpg 1200 years-old tree
dsc_1mogamijpg.jpg 1200 years-old tree aioi.jpg Aioi img_1672.jpg Aioi dsc_0896.jpg Aioi dsc_0834.jpg Aioi dsc_1712_20161228184920974.jpg Aioi dsc_1729.jpg Aioi dsc_1725.jpg Aioi dsc_1728_20161228185128992.jpg Aioi dsc_1727.jpg Aioi


dsc_1159.jpg Moritsubetsu Hotel
dsc_1369.jpg Chimikepp Hotel  dsc_1657.jpg Meet Inn dsc_1655.jpg Dterekoi Land Guest House

Hot Spring

img20161125172324708823.jpg Moritsubetsu Hotel
img20161125172322580524.jpg Moritsubetsu Hotel
img20161125172335952437.jpg Moritsubetsu Hotel


dsc_1231.jpg Chanoma dsc_1243.jpg Seiyoken dsc_1240.jpg Session dsc_1237.jpg Midoriya dsc_1264.jpg Nonkiya dsc_1267.jpg Hatunesushi dsc_1250.jpg Rest House Marusyo


dsc_0253.jpg Opening the Tsubetsu pass dsc_0740.jpg Tsubetsu Summer festival dsc_0713.jpg Tsubetsu Summer festival dsc_0697.jpg Tsubetsu Summer festival dsc_0687.jpg Tsubetsu Summer festival dsc_0497.jpg Flower Festival dsc_0421_20161228112131955.jpg Flower Festival dsc_0441.jpg Flower Festival dsc_0590.jpg Flower Festival dsc_0600.jpg Flower Festival dsc_0454.jpg Flower Festival dsc_0998.jpg Tsubetsu Tanabata Festival dsc_1004.jpg Tsubetsu Tanabata Festival dsc_0942.jpg Tsubetsu Tanabata Festival dsc_0959.jpg Tsubetsu Tanabata Festival dsc_1007.jpg Tsubetsu Tanabata Festival dsc_1025.jpg Tsubetsu Tanabata Festival dsc_1058_20161228210435640.jpg Tsubetsu Tanabata Festival dsc_1119_20161228211051762.jpg Bon Dance Festival esc-1120.jpg Bon Dance Festival img_2090.jpg Tsubetsu Home town festival dsc_1454.jpg Tsubetsu industry festival dsc_1484.jpg Tsubetsu industry festival dsc_1505.jpg Tsubetsu industry festival dsc_1450.jpg Tsubetsu industry festival dsc_1540.jpg Tsubetsu industry festival dsc_1461.jpg Tsubetsu industry festival dsc_1468.jpg Tsubetsu industry festival dsc04220.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival dsc04222.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival dsc04247.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival dsc04224.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival dsc05609.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival dsc04270.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival dsc04262.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival dsc04258.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival dsc04267.jpg Tsubetsu Ice candle festival





Tsubetsu Turism Association(Located at in Sunsunkan)
(The center of town)


Post code 092-0231 7,Aza-Odori,Tsubetsu-cho,Abashiri-gun,Hokkaido
TEL:0152-77-3771 FAX:0152-77-3776
Tsubetsu Turism Association Office

Mail to Tsubetsu Turismassociation


 Neo Fork
"Neo Folk" is a upcycling bland made from natural materials,
flotsam and waste in the eastern part of Hokkaido, Japan.
We’ll disseminate new attractions to the world.

Tamagami Wood Working
"Yamagami Mokko" is one of the famous chair factory in Hokkaido.